Resources and Guidelines for Visual Communication

These resources and guidelines are designed to help you apply Coursera's visual brand effectively and consistently.

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Our logos are distinct, bold, and give focus to our company name and offerings. Please use them as directed and choose only the files appropriate for your intended application.




Our symbol is our “C.” It is the first letter in our brand name—and our logo—and a signature graphical element in our visual design system. Our symbol is for internal use only.


Sub-brands and initiatives

We use different treatments when a sub-brand or initiative is appended to our primary logo. Please access our logo library to download a particular instance of a sub-brand or initiative logo.


Our primary palette includes blue, black, and white. Purposeful use of these colors creates consistency across our brand experience and reinforces trust and familiarity. These colors are additionally used across marketing and product to lead users to CTAs, create negative space, and designate focal points for our visuals.

HEX: 0056D2
RGB: 0,86,210
CMYK: 90,68,0,0
HEX: 000000
RGB: 0,0,0
CMYK: 0,0,0,100
RGB: 255,255,255
CMYK: 0,0,0,0


Source Sans Pro is our primary typeface throughout marketing, web, and product. Maintaining typographical consistency ensures familiar and accessible experiences for our users.



Spacing and alignment

Clear space around the Coursera logo should equal the height of the first letter. The same standard should be applied for our symbol.



When using the Coursera logo in conjunction with another logo, please use a thin separator line that is 130% larger than the height of the Coursera logo. This will ensure appropriate separation and prevent visual conflict.

Please ensure that spacing around the Coursera logo is equal to the height of the Coursera logo.


When combining another logo with one of our sub-brand or initiative logos, please use spacing that is double the width of our “C” to ensure ideal readability.


Logo usage and placement

Please observe the following when using and placing our logo:

1. Do not place the logo on an off-brand color.
2. Do not add any graphic styles to the logo.
3. Do not place the logo on a busy background that negatively impacts legibility.
4. Do not crop the logo such that the full logo is not visible.
5. Do not flip or rotate the logo.
6. Do not stretch, resize, or distort the logo.

Additional guidelines for logo (Coursera) and symbol (C) usage

Do not alter the logo
Please do not vary the appearance of the word “Coursera” through abbreviation, improper capitalization, or changes in spelling.

Courses from various universities are made available on the Coursera platform.

Courses from various universities are made available on the coursera platform.

Maintain legibility
Please do not reproduce our logos or our symbol in a manner that causes them to become illegible or blurry (this may happen if they are reproduced too small). See above for additional details around spacing and other usage requirements.

Preserve clear space around our logos and symbol
Please do not put graphic elements, words, or charts inside clear space.

Use approved master artwork only
Our logos and symbol are standalone pieces of artwork. Please do not alter or distort their appearance by adding design elements or changing the colors or font. The logo must always look sharp, clean, and well-produced.

Get advance permission
Please do not use our logos or our symbol without permission. You must have an agreement with—or express written consent from—Coursera authorizing their use.

Ethical usage guidelines

You may not use our name, logos, or symbol in false or misleading advertising
Advertising Coursera, or our products and services, must not be false or misleading in any way and must not be in violation of any applicable law, municipal ordinance, or administrative agency regulation of any country.

You may not use our name, logos, or symbol in objectionable material
You may not use our name, logos, or symbol on—or in connection with—any defamatory, obscene, pornographic, or similarly objectionable materials.

You may not use our name, logos, or symbol to disparage Coursera
You may not use our name, logos, or symbol to disparage Coursera, or our products and services.

You may not use our name, logos, or symbol as a decorative device
Please do not use our name, logos, or symbol for purely decorative purposes in any marketing collateral, packaging, or website without the express written permission of Coursera.

No third-party products
Please not use our name, logos, or symbol in connection with any third-party logos or symbols, on any products which also include third-party logos or symbol, or to sell or market products or services other than those of Coursera

Rules for trademarks as a trade name

Use in the form of a noun
Trademarks function not only as a trademark and service mark identifying goods and services offered by Coursera, but also as a trade name or company name referring to Coursera. Trade names are nouns and, therefore, should not be followed by a generic descriptor and may not be used in the possessive form.

Do not use trademark symbols
When used as a trade name, the trademarks should not be followed by a trademark symbol.